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Candidates Matches 2011

Candidates matches 2011 live commentary from Kazan

Welcome to the live games commentary of the Candidates Matches 2011 on the international chess news website Chessdom.com.

The live games commentary will be headed by the 2700 club players from Chess Evolution (GM Naiditsch, GM Bacrot, and co.), the Chessdom resident commentators Christian Bauer, the young star Alexander Ipatov. Besides them we will be joined live by GM Fabiano Caruana, IM Steven Zierk, IM Miodrag Perunovic and many titled guest commentators, while GM Henrik Danielsen will produce daily live video here.

Candidates matches information: Pairings / Live / Schedule / Kramnik - Radjabov / Grischuk - Aronian / Kamsky - Topalov / Mamedyarov - Gelfand / Live with computer analysis

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