Boris Gelfand - Alexander Grischuk

Round 6
Candidate Matches 2011


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1.d4 GM Naiditsch: 1.d4!! Ineteresting new start by Boris, we get used to 1.Nf3 or 1.c4. Which opening Grischuk is going to choose for the last game? Probably Gruenfeld, with second like Svidler in his team it makes sence.

1... Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nf3 Bg7 4.g3 GM Naiditsch: in this matches gelfand already had to prepare against Gata Kamsky the greunfeld, so lets see if Boris shows us some interesting idea... Now Sasha has the choise, go for the main line after 4...O-O 5.Bg2 d5 or to play the very safe 4...c6...

4... d5 5.cxd5 Nxd5 As we remeber from the last game, both players like to spend a lot of time during the opening phase of the game... Also understandble, the pressure is enormous and both Candidates for the World title are extremly exausted... Grischuk is choosing the "main Gruenfeld"

6.Bg2 Nb6 7.Nc3 Nc6 8.e3 Lately a popular line, Aronian liked to use it for white color...

8... O-O 9.O-O Candidates Matches are brought to you thanks to Chess Evolution, Chess Friends and Lord Of Chess.

9... Re8 10.Re1 We are still following the main line... Now few moves for black, 10...a5 is popular move... A few months ago I analysed this position myself, and first was shocked by the main move 10...a5, but hour after hour the understanding is comming why it is the top move here... An example is Amber Blindfold: Gelfand-Topalov.

10... a5 11.Qe2 11...Bf5 played Topalov here against Boris... let's see if Grischuk can come up with something better

11... Bg4 One square farther! This is a move played first by Wang Yue in 2010. He manage to win his game during chess Olympiad against Brazilian GM Leitao, game continued: 12.h3 Be6 13.Rd1 Bc4 14.Qc2 Nb4 15.Qb1 Qc8! ( this is the point of provocing first whites h3 instead of playing 1...be6 immediatly) 16.a3 Nbd5 with a very complicated position.

12.h3 Be6 13.b3 Note: GM Danielsen analysis of the last game with nice ideas is here part 1 and here part 2. 13.b3! novelty by Boris. We probably have around 20-30 minutes time until the next move of Grischuk, so let's think a bit about Boris new idea... 13.b3 seems to be a very logical move, avoiding blacks Bc4, preparing Rd1. Also white has now a square b2 for the bishop... Probably the main question should be now, can black play 13...a4!? This should be clearly the critical move here... after 13...Qc8 14.Ng5 Bd7 15.Kh2 whites position is looking nicer to me. So after 13...a4 14.Rb1 probably (hard to imagine white having any advantage after 14.Na4 Na4 Ra4 and black should be doing fine). 14...ab 15.ab and maybe now Na5!? Actually I like black's position, but probably Boris prepared something very tricky... The game is very hard to play for both players, every wrong decision can mean the immiiate lost of the match. If the game will end today in a draw, we will see tomorrow a super interesting tiebreaks, for sure with many mistakes, because both players are very tired, but also sure with amazing amount of fighting spirit. The prize for the winner is huge, a place in the match against Vishy Anand for the world title.

13... a4 14.Rb1 To take on 14...b3 now I think makes sense for black in any case

14... axb3 15.axb3 Many moves are possible for black, 15...Na5, 15...Qc8, 15...h6... black's general idea should be definitly to push somehow e5 or c5... and black needs to be fast! If white will manage to stabelize the center it could mean trouble for black, so to me most logical seems to be Na5. Not to get little bored, we should not only guess the moves but also the time the guys are thinking...I would take now at least 10 more minutes for Grischuk from now on :)

15... Qc8 16.Kh2 So after long thinking 15...Qc8... actually first line of copmuter, so Gelfand is for sure well prepared against this move, and here we see, immediate answer 16.Kh2. Another option was 16.Ng5.

16... Ra5 Very original play by Grischuk! black rook is going to h5! But it can be very double edged, maybe very good or maybe not that good... also white has 17.Nb5 now, followed by 18.Bd2, as well as 17.g4. So to me 16...Ra5 is looking a bit strange... Maybe possible continuation of the game could be: 17.Nb5 Nb4!? 18.Bd2 c6 19.Nc3 Rh5 20.h4 Bf5!? 21.e4 Bg4 with a very unclear position

17.Rd1 strange move by Boris, what now at 17...Rh5? 18. h4 Bg4 and black should be fine. Also after 18.Nh4 Bf6 19.Bf3 Ra5 with very sharp position and unclear position

17... Rh5 18.Nh4 Maybe also now an oportunity 18...Rd8 to very over protected against the hits d5... some crazy position could appear after 18...Rd8 19.f4 Bf6 20.f5!

18... Bf6 19.f4 Last game is getting super sharp!! Amazing, after so many quite games the last one has to be the most crazy one. The most unusual outcome of this game now would be a draw.

19... Rd8 Gelfand with 40 minutes more on the clock and "pushing" possition will try for sure his luck today! 20.f5! looking now quite strong. Probably only move 20...Bd7 and now 21.b4!! very strong computer recomendation! White is going forward on both flanks

20.Qf2 20.Qf2 not a bad move of Boris, keeps the position very complicated without entering a forced line. Grischuk is clearly under time pressure, 22 minutes for 20 moves. And he is tired, it can lead easily to a blunder.

20... Bxh4 Clearly not the best, Grischuk is nervous. Now we can say white is better.

21.gxh4 now almost only move is 21...Nd5 not to loose immediatly

21... Nd5 21...Nd5 has a fanatstic idea: 22.Nd5 Rhd5!!! very hard to find at the board, black is giving in exchange in hope to get play on the white color fields for it. Black needs to avoid whites move e4 at any costs! Sascha under 15 minutes for 19 moves and no increment... It can be most expensive game of his life, he is playing at least for 500.000 euro ! a match against Vishy Anand. I would not like to be his second now, I would get few grey hair for sure!

22.Nxd5 Everything right by Boris so far, Rhd5 22.Bb2 give white a very confatable advantage...

22... Rhxd5 What to do now for Sasha, where to go with the rook from d5? To stay on the d line seems to be logical, if rooks go away on the 5th rank white will be able to push e4.

23.Bb2 so or 23...Rd7 now or 23...Rd6. Maybe also black could try 23...Qd7 but after 24.e4 Rd4 25.Bd4 N4 25.b4! position of white is looking almost winning

23... Rb5 Grischuk gives white a chance to play 24.e4! Also first 24.Qe2 makes sence with next move e4...

24.Qe2 Rh5 25.e4 Bxb3 26.Rdc1 Boris is just playing exellent! and Sasha position is getting more and more close to lost, amazing final game of the match!!!

26... Na5 Now for Boris 27.d5! also probably very strong 27.Qe1... white queen is going to the long diagonal, to the field c3 from which the whites move d5 would be just killilng.

27.d5 yes the most human and logical 27.d5!

27... b6 Boris is very close to win his game, to me 28.Qe3 or Qe1 look super strong... but Grischuk survived many miracles in the Candidate matches, totally lost position against Kramnik in the 4th game of classical, very bad endgame against Aronian, so maybe also today he will be lucky...

28.Be5 Also good move by Boris, but I think 28.Qe1 would be really the game over. Now after 28...c5 29.Qb5 and white should win as well.

28... c5 Wrong would be here to play 29.dc f6! and black of course doing very bad but maybe got few chances to survive... 29.Qb5 seems to be killing...

29.dxc6 Boris is choosing the 29.dc, also good but maybe not the most precise.

29... f6 30.Ba1 This is already a big mistake ! 30.c7 was still winning.

30... Rc5 Not best protection from Grischuk. Now 31.Rc5 bc 32.e5 and whites position is looking just crushing. Instead 30...b5 been better with some chances in the time troubles to make the game complicate... 31.Rc5 is looking quite obvious.

31.Rxc5 bxc5 32.Qb5 Boris is not killing Grischuk again, after 32.e5 nothing would save black anymore... Now Grischuk has to find 32...Ba2 33.Rb2 and Qc7!! What a final fight we see here!

32... Qc7 No Grischuk is not making it. Now after Rb3 game is over. We still have 6 moves to make so everything can happen in the time trouble... The advantage, however, is too big to misplay.

33.Rxb3 Amazing that Anand, who is over 40 will be the younger player in the match for the World title... Boris is having fantastic last 5 years, playing strong as never before.

33... Nxc6 34.e5 Nd4 35.Qc4 Boris stay calm making best move, 35.Qc4! Boris is heading to the title! It is now a fact! Boris Gelfand will meet Viswanathan Anand for a match for the World Chess Championship in 2012! Stay tuned for a video analysis here. Thank you all for following the live coverage with GM Arkadij Naiditsch and the Chess Evolution team and see you soon for more live commentary on! 1-0