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Carlsen - Topalov LIVE!

Mtel Masters 2009 Live Commentary

The fifth international chess super tournament M-Tel Masters will be held from 12th to 23rd May in Sofia, Bulgaria. Six top Grandmasters will play double round robin event in a special glass aquarium on the square in front of the National Theater "Ivan Vazov".

Mtel Masters 2009 is category XXI with the participation of Carlsen, Topalov, Ivanchuk, Wang Yue, Dominguez, and Shirov.

Mtel Masters 2009 will have extensive daily live coverage on Chessdom.com. GM Bauer, GM Dimitrov, and IM Perunovic will be commenting the games. Find all the information about the tournament at the general page

M-Tel Masters is part of the global Grand Slam circuit, together with other three strongest tournaments in the world - Corus in Wijk aan Zee (Netherlands), Linares (Spain) and Nanjing (China). The winner in Sofia acquires the right to play in the final tournament of the Grand Slam, which will be held later this year in Bilbao, Spain.